Magic Consulting

It takes the right combination of ingredients to make a good magic routine great. As your magic consultant, I’ll work with you on structure, pacing, timing, theming, scripting, etc., to transform your routine into an engaging and entertaining experience that leaves your audience wanting more.

With over 35 years in the magic business, I’ve worked with many of magic’s biggest names. When I put my vast experience as a creative consultant, scriptwriter and performer to work for you, you’ll get:

  • Customized routines for specific tricks
  • Fresh ideas to make tired routines current and commercial
  • Tips on adding tricks or illusions to your act that best fit your style
  • Creative collaboration to help you take your original idea from the drawing board to the stage
  • Coaching on developing your own unique performance style, plus theming and branding your act

If you're ready to take your magic to the next level—whether it’s a single routine or your entire act—I'm ready to help you every step of the way. Contact me today

"When it came to needing a new illusion concept, a good laugh, or a strong line of dialog for my TV specials, Doug Bennett is one guy I could always count on."
—- David Copperfied

"Doug Bennett is more than a script writer. He is a talented and trusted collaborator who combines a strong skill with words with an accomplished magic background to help shape an idea from creation to the stage. In addition, Doug's easy-going style helps to make the creative process a fun journey. He is a valuable resource in developing a theatrical presentation of magic."
—Michael Grandinetti (Illusionist and repeat performer on TV’s "Masters of Illusion")

"I've worked with Doug Bennett for through every stage of my career. Along with giving me fresh dialog, Doug has served as a sounding board and has even helped me develop my own original illusions. Doug is one of my most trusted advisors and I recommend him to anyone looking for a trained eye to critique their magic."
—Jason Hudy (Illusionist currently starring in "The Magic of Saipan", at the Hilton Resort on the island of Saipan)